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Appliance Repair Services in Scottsdale

Appliance Repair Services

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

In need of a refrigerator repair service? E&J Appliance Services has exactly what you need! We employ a team of dedicated repair specialists, each with extensive experience in repair and maintenance of various types of refrigerators.

Providing a comprehensive range of services to the Valley for over 3 decades, our repair services meet the highest standards of expertise and professionalism in the industry. With our team of highly qualified and thoroughly experienced technicians, we are confident in our ability to repair most refrigerators.

The importance of keeping your fridge in optimal condition cannot be underestimated. Most modern refrigerators are designed for maximum power, performance, and efficiency. But if a component fails or the system malfunctions for any reason, the performance of the unit may be impaired significantly.

It may become more expensive to operate the unit, resulting in a higher electric bill. Worse still, a malfunctioning component may cause serious problems that will be more costly and difficult to repair later on, and possibly even pose a safety hazard.

These and many other problems can be avoided by hiring competent refrigerator repair service. The valley offers a number of options in repair specialists but few are more qualified than our own in-house team of expert repair professionals.

Our service technicians are extensively trained in the repair and maintenance of most major brands of refrigerators, along with several models that are lesser known in the consumer market.

Our expertise encompasses full-sized refrigerators, built in refrigerators, mini-fridges, fridge-freezer combos, upright and chest freezers, and so much more. No matter what type of fridge you may own or what condition it is in, we are fully confident in our ability to restore it to optimal condition.

Our wide range of services encompasses the repair and maintenance of other types of home and commercial appliances as well. We have equal expertise in the repair of washing machines, ovens, stoves, and other common household appliances.

That being said, much of our reputation has been established on the strength of our Chandler refrigerator repair services, and we are proud of that fact. We know a lot about refrigerator repair, and no project is too big or too small for us to handle.

If you are in need of quality repair services for your fridge, trust only in the experts at E&J Appliance Services. Leave it to us and rest assured that we can get your fridge back to optimal condition at a reasonable cost.

Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair

Repairing freezers can involve many things. Not only are there many types of freezers, some are free standing while most residential freezers are part of a refrigerator. Although, many people have a chest freezer or upright freezer in addition to their refrigerator. There are also commercial freezers which are typically much larger than residential freezers. This are typically called walk in freezers. Even though there are so many types of freezers they all work on the same principals.

Most freezers are cooled by use of a closed system compressed gas heat transfer which moves the heat from inside the freezer to the environment outside the freezer. Commercial freezers will typically dump the heat from the freezer to the exterior of the building they are housed in while residential freezers will just dump the heat to the exterior of the freezer or refrigerator. In the case of residential freezers this heat is then transferred outside the home via the home air conditioning system, or if it is not AC season this heat helps to heat your home. Remember heat moves from hot to cold, not cold to hot.

Common freezer problems:

  • Freezer won’t get cold enough or freezer temperature is too warm
  • Ice maker stops making ice
  • Ice maker is making clicking sounds
  • Freezer compressor stops working
  • Freezer temperature is not accurate
  • Over freezing
  • Freezer is making noise
  • Frost buildup inside freezer
  • Water leaking from freezer
  • Freezer will not run

Don’t wait until all the frozen spoils in your freezer to call us. If you notice that the freezer is no longer freezing the best thing to do is to keep the freezer door closed and call us to come out and fix the freezer before you lose the content of the freezer. Every time the freezer door is opened heat is allowed into the freezer, remember heat move from hot to cold, so keep that door or lid closed!

Call us for fast and effective Chandler freezer repair by our certified and trained freezer repair technicians.

Washer Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Let’s face it! Home appliances bring ease and benefit to our lives. They help keep us organized, neat and conserve our precious time. Picture what would take place if your washer or dryer suddenly breakdowns in the middle of a school or work week!? You sure did not anticipate this sudden change of events, and quite honestly the dependability of your washer is uncertain with rough use of machinery. Machines are largely unreliable too in context to their condition as not everyone can afford latest models or well known brands.

A washing machine can get your clothes tidy and ready to use in no time. It seems impossible to think we could go about our daily lives without it. What happens when you use an unclean, un-serviced washer to wash some filthy clothes? It does not take a genius to see the absurdity of the question, and yet people choose to overlook or just neglect to get their washers a proper tuning service or a clean-up. Even self-cleaning washers require internal services or they would end up dying on you in your moment of need or worse! Ruin your clothes! If you have children, specifically teens your washer requires to be in great working condition all the time, well this sure applies to all your valuable house electronics. E&J specializes in a number of home appliances , our  Chandler washing machine repair technicians are trained and qualified for all kinds of repair work despite safety hazards.

If there really is someone more reliable and dependable than your washer it is E&J Appliance Services! You can depend on us to arrive on time every time. You can depend on us to work according to your convenience at the comfort of your home. With our years of providing quality washing machine repair services, we accumulated experience and respect and we would like to continue to preserve them and give high-quality services to our clients. E&J Appliance Services has a stronger clientele in repairing washers  however, they are not the only kind of appliances we look out for.

Trying to find a dependable and quick Washer Repair that’s within your budget? Try a business that has several decades of experience and offer a Same/Next Day repair work service: E&J Appliance Services Co. Hire an experienced and skilled repair service you can trust your appliances with.

Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair

We do not realize the importance of our dryers till they break down that is. When your dryer isn’t working effectively, it develops additional work and trouble for you just to get your clothing dried. At times it is just out of service or needs a little internal clean up for it get into mint working condition. However, with harsh working routines and kids it’s impossible to stay on top of all the house chores as well as service the dryer yourself, which leads the problem to develop and the machine to break down. This is why we exist. To make your life a little bit easier.

If you do not, well, you might be spending hours hanging your damp clothes up on a line or shelling out money for an expensive brand-new dryer!

Do you wonder how to tell if your dryer needs a bit of maintenance? Here are indications to look for that might suggest you require dryer repair service. Some of the most typical symptoms of dryer difficulty consist of:

  • It will not switch on.
  • The Drum is not tumbling.
  • Clothes are just damp after drying.
  • Dryer does not get hot.
  • Clothes dryer is making disruptive, unusual sounds.

Outside of your clothes dryer not turning on, some of these signs might not be totally apparent indications that repair work for your dryer is essential. Your dryer is making strange sounds, even if it is something you can tune out, why take the risk and not ask for a professional opinion? Attempting to work around a malfunctioning dryer instead of repairing it isn’t a smart choice at all. Contact E&J Appliance Service! We have perfectly trained and capable workers who are qualified to work with safety hazards and have certain equipment that makes our work safe and easier. Whereas, DIY endeavors can lead to an accident or danger as we all know technical stuff should be left to the experts.

Neglecting the concern for too long could result in your clothes dryer being harmed beyond repair, needing you to acquire a brand-new clothes dryer and deal with the hassles of brand-new home appliance installation as well as the additional expenses. There are lots of elements operating inside a clothes dryer, so it might be confusing to find the source of the malfunction. E&J’s professional repair work technician will be able to identify the issue quickly, due to their accumulated hands on experience on the job.

When it pertains to device repair, the greatest divider in between picking Do It Yourself or an expert is typically safety. Not only the safety of your appliances but your physical health too. Just like all appliance repairs, there are lots of safety dangers involved when you’re dealing with complex devices like dryers. But do not presume that you require to purchase a brand-new device without trying to identify the problem or fix it. Call a professional and conserve a lot of time and money. So when you observe any sign that your dryer isn’t working in the manner it should, call a reliable Chandler dryer repair service to look after the problem as quickly as possible.

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher repair service E&J Appliance Services can handle all your needs for dishwasher repair and maintenance and more. Our firm has been in the business of providing quality Chandler dishwasher repair services to residents and commercial establishments for many years now, and our reputation for excellence and professionalism is second to none.

If you are looking for the most qualified personnel to provide dishwasher repair service you simply won’t find a better team of professionals than ours.

Most modern dishwashers are designed to last for years at a time, even with rigorous daily use. If you wisely invest your money on a dishwasher model from a reputable manufacturer, you are generally assured of years of trouble-free operation from your unit.

However, even the best made models can be prone to manufacturing defects and freak malfunctions, with the risk increasing exponentially as time goes on. At some point in the ownership of your dishwasher, you can expect it to breakdown, or at the very least, begin to provide you with less than optimal performance.

This is where E&J Appliance Services dishwasher specialists come in. We employ a team comprised of some of the most experienced repair specialists in the country.

Our years of experience also place us in the unique position of having serviced virtually every make and model of dishwasher on the market. We even have expertise with lesser known and specialized models of dishwashers, giving us a broad range of capabilities when it comes to addressing your needs.

No matter what type of dishwasher you own, whether it is a new model or one that has been in your possession for years, we are confident in our ability to get it up and running for you in no time.

For most people, a dishwasher that refuses to turn on is the first sign that there is something wrong. By then of course, the only recourse is to pay for a costly and possibly lengthy repair, during which time you will not have access to a functional unit.

This is why we also offer inspection and maintenance services that help prevent future malfunction, even before the first sign of trouble appears. Our team of specialists will inspect your dishwasher thoroughly for any worn or broken parts that may cause more severe long-term damage later on. This will help prevent the inconvenience of a sudden breakdown or malfunction of your dishwasher.

Trash Compactor Repair

Trash Compactor Repair

Trash compactor repairs by our certified technicians are just a phone call away. Trash compactors are a great way to reduce the volume of waste that goes to our landfills. They also reduce the number of trips to your garbage cans! But, like any appliance with moving parts and electronic controls problems may occur that need expert help in fixing and repairing them.

Some of the most common trash compactor repair issues are:

  • Trash compactor will not start compacting the trash

  • Trash compactor is making noise – (this may be the most common one)

  • Trash compactor will not stop compacting the trash

  • Trash compactor drawer or door will not open or close

  • Trash compactor door is stuck

  • Trash compactor controls do not work

Most of these issues can be repaired cost effectively. Trash compactors may be the hardest working appliance in your home even though they may not be used as much as some other home appliances. The job of the trash compactor requires large forces so the units must be built to be tough. Some things you can do to help prolong the life of your compactor is to load it properly. Make sure to try and put bottles and cans on their sides in the compactor. This will help the trash compactor to crush the contents more easily. It also helps to try and put these at the bottom of the trash compactor container when possible.

If your home has a trash compactor and it needs some repair, please give us a call and we will get a certified repair technician out to you promptly.

Oven Repair

Oven Repair

Oven repairs almost always seem to be needed at the worst time. Imagine having your favorite guests coming over for a delicious meal and the oven stops working the day you need it most. A cook or bakers’ nightmare! Most oven repairs can be solved very quickly, especially on the more popular brands and models of ovens. Our certified and trained oven repair technicians are experienced and ready to get your oven back up to temperature and running smoothly.

Some of the most common oven repairs we tackle on a daily basis are:

  • The oven temperature is not accurate, oven temperature is out of calibration

  • The oven will not turn on

  • The oven controls do not work right

  • Self-cleaning oven won’t run a self-clean cycle

  • Oven door won’t shut or seal

  • Oven racks fallen or won’t extend properly

  • Gas or Electric Oven Repairs

We service all type of ovens, gas or electric and the hybrid gas/electric designs that use both gas and electric elements. We provide expert commercial oven repairs as well as residential oven repair services. A kitchen with a good working oven is like eating a meal without flavor, it just does not work. Since ovens get hot some electronic components like control boards can go bad if they absorb too much of that heat. So, even if a control board goes bad it is much more cost effective to replace the oven controller than to replace the whole oven.

Gas ovens have more components inside them than electric ovens, but they are still very serviceable. Our technicians have all the necessary oven repair training and certifications needed to get your gas oven back in top condition. Some cooks really prefer cooking with gas since they can control the temperature much more quickly than with an electric oven. But great meals and dishes come out of both so whatever your preference is, gas or electric, we can provide expert Chandler oven repair.

Range Repair

Range Repair

Range repairs and cook top repairs whether gas or electric or both can be done easily by our expert repair technicians. Cook tops can be a pretty expensive home appliance and they can often be repaired to last a long time. The same can be said for ranges. Just because it may have a problem does not mean it must be replaced. It usually is very cost effective to repair them instead of replacing them.

Gas cooktops and gas ranges provide faster temperature control than electric ranges and are often preferred by cooks and chefs for that very reason. But if they are not working properly that benefit is not of great use. Letting our range repair technicians accurately diagnose the problem can save a lot of money. It is almost always a lost less expensive to repair the appliance than it is to replace it with a new one. Gas appliances have both electrical and gas plumbing and valves. Whereas with an electric range there are no valves or gas plumbing.

Induction ranges are also a type of electric range, but they do not have a burner that gets hot. They use a magnetic field to induce a current in the base of the pot or pan which then gets hot. These are very effective ways to cook and have the advantage of less risk of burns from a hot burner. We provide induction range repairs as well as the more conventional gas and electric range repair services. Although, induction ranges are becoming more popular.

Some of the most frequent range repair issues are:

  • The surface element does not get hot

  • Range or cook top controls are not working

  • The heating elements on the range surface only gets warm

  • Heating elements stay hot

  • Gas burners do not ignite on the cook top or range

  • Excessive yellow flame in the gas burner element

Our repair techs have the necessary training, diagnostic equipment and skills to diagnose and repair all the major brands of ranges and cooktops.

Microwave Oven Repair

Microwave Oven Repair

Microwave oven repairs are more common now than in the past because it is rare to find a kitchen without at least one microwave. It is also becoming one the most used household appliances, especially in homes with large families. How often does someone reheat something in a microwave and a daily basis?

Microwave ovens are also becoming more sophisticated and capable. They are now combined with convection and browning capabilities. They have more moving parts than when they originally became popular. It is hard to fine a microwave without a rotating turntable. They just work so much better at evenly heating the food. They also have temperature sensing capabilities that interact with the controls to provide better cooking experiences.

Common microwave oven repairs are:

  • Microwave turntable does not spin

  • Microwave oven does not heat food

  • Microwave oven door will not shut or latch

  • Microwave oven controls do not work

  • Microwave oven door switch not working

These are the most common microwave problems but is not a list of all of them. Our certified microwave repair technicians can diagnose and repair residential and commercial microwave ovens. We are just one phone call away and have same day service available most days.

Wine Cooler Repair

Wine Cooler Repair

Wine coolers and wine refrigerator repairs may not be as frequent as refrigerator repairs but that does not make them less important. Many people who love wine may have a significant investment, both financially and emotionally in their wine collections. So, it makes sense to keep their wine cooler in top working condition. Most people keep their wine between 45 to 65 degrees F. They may also keep the humidity levels at the optimum levels. Our wine cooler repair technicians can diagnose and repair wine cooler issues.

There are several wine cooler technologies in use today, and we are trained and skilled in all of them.

  • Compressor based wine cooler repair

  • Multi zone wine cooler repair

  • Built in wine cooler repair

  • Thermoelectric wine cooler repair

Ice Machine Repair

Ice Machine Repair

Ice machine repairs may be considered a critical necessity here in the Arizona desert with our excessive summer temperatures. Ice makers get a lot of use since most people want a drink that is cold when it is hot.

Commercial ice machine repair can also be of a critical nature for establishments like restaurants full of people wanting ice in their drinks. Restaurants also use a lot of ice keeping other foods cold,. That is why many restaurants may have more than one ice machine. Their reputation for good service and good food is too important.

Ice machines combine refrigeration, plumbing, controls and actuators. All these parts and subassemblies can go bad. But it usually much more cost effective to repair the ice machine than it is to replace it.

Our ice machine repair technicians are trained in the theory and practical hands on skills for diagnosing and repairing all ice machine problems.

Some ice machines have a fail-safe mode built into the ice machine controller circuitry. When your ice machine stops working this is the first thing to check if it has one. This mode can save an ice machine from sever damage.

Some of the more common ice machine repair issues are:

  • Small ice cube size

  • Water leaking from the ice machine

  • Ice machine not making ice

  • Hollow ice cubes

Some of the more common ice machine service issues when the ice machine will not run are:

  • Problems with the ice machine power supply

  • High pressure safety control is stuck open

  • Solenoid for liquid line is faulty and stays open

  • Compressor not running or a bad contact or coil

Most of these issues can be fixed easily and a few may cost a bit more due to more expensive parts, such as a compressor. But given the cost of a new ice machine repairing the ice machine is most often the best choice. Most ice machines are built well and made to last so repairing them makes good financial sense.

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair

Water heater repairs on gas or electric water heaters can often save a lot of money. Most hot water heater repair issues are common and parts to fix the water heater are not expensive in most cases. Call our office staff to learn how we can help you save money by repairing your water heater instead of replacing it. In some cases, it will make sense to replace the water heater. Or instance if the tank cracks and starts leaking.

We work on and repair both gas and electric water heaters. We also service tank-less water heaters. If you have small electric point of use water heater, such as at a remote sink we can service those as well.

Warming Drawer Repair

Warming Drawer Repair

Warming drawer repairs are often the best choice when there is a problem with a warming drawer. Our appliance repair technicians can diagnose and repair these by using the diagnostic tools appropriate for this type of small appliance repair.
Our repair technicians receive ongoing training both from the manufacturers and from E&J Appliance. We spend many weeks every year in training on the newest updates and technology used by appliance manufacturers.
It does not matter if you have a gas warming drawer or an electric warming drawer, we provide expert repair service for both types.

Repairing appliances is often the best choice when done by certified appliance repair techs. Scottsdale Repair costs are much less expensive than buying new, especially for the more expensive home appliances like refrigerators and washers and dryers. To use a great Scottsdale appliance repair company that has been in the business since 1982 please call our staff now.